Catalent and Ennaid Therapeutics in COVID-19 candidate development programme

19th May 2020
Catalent has established a collaboration with Ennaid Therapeutics to develop an oral, antiviral treatment targeted at COVID-19. Catalent will develop a powder-in-capsule formulation of Ennaid’s ENU200 programme, a patent-pending, repurposed oral antiviral drug.
ENU200 was selected by Ennaid as a candidate to treat COVID-19 following a bioinformatic search for in-silico identification of prior-approved chemical compounds blocking the coronavirus proteins, spike-S glycoprotein and the key coronavirus enzyme, Mpro. Catalent’s development site at San Diego, California, USA will manufacture roller-compacted formulations of ENU200 within capsules for further investigation.
“During this pandemic we have seen that numerous companies are looking to repurpose existing antiviral drugs to target COVID-19, and we are supporting our development partners in reacting quickly and effectively to manufacture material for clinical trials,” commented Jonathan Arnold, President, Oral and Specialty Delivery at Catalent. “Our experience with similar formulation and manufacturing processes and overcoming scale-up challenges with roller compaction has meant that we are able to rapidly deliver Ennaid’s demand for drug product in a matter of weeks.”