Cosmetics & Personal Care

Omya presents natural minerals for skincare, toothpaste and colour cosmetic applications

10th January 2020
At in-cosmetics Global, Omya Consumer Goods will showcase its large distribution portfolio and unique minerals for inclusion in skincare, oral care and colour cosmetic products. These ingredients offer multiple benefits for ease of processing and optimal end-product characteristics. Applications allow for powerful absorbency and provide a pleasant skin feel, great opacity and optimum coverage. The particles also enable improved texture and effectiveness of end products, such as oral care offerings, decorative cosmetics, soap bars and emulsions. The newly presented grades of Omyacare are approved by ECOCERT Raw Material and NATRUE certified for use in cosmetics, and rinse-off applications, whereas the new Omyadent grade provides remineralization and desensitization for toothpaste formulations.
“Let nature take care” is the message that Omya will deliver as it presents its large portfolio for the creation of holistic, all-round solutions at in-cosmetics Global.
Oral care: enamel remineralization, top cleaning power for whiter teeth and reduced sensitivity
The diversity of particle sizes within the Omyacare product range guarantees the perfect level of desired abrasion in the final formula, and means they can be used in a variety of applications. At in-cosmetics Global, Omya launches a new grade of Omyadent acting as a source of hydroxyapatite that ensures efficient remineralization and the reparation of microscopic defects, while also counteracting hypersensitivity. With an application of Omyadent particles, the tooth surface becomes whiter, smoother and more resistant to acid attack.

Omyaskin combines ecological sustainability with the highest cosmetic standards
The multifunctional and NATRUE certified Omyaskin minerals absorb sebum, reduce drying time and deliver a silky touch, and matt finish in skin care products such as creams, lotions and emulsions. The minerals act as texturising agents and improve sensorial properties, as well as spreadability. Furthermore, the Omyaskin range also optimizes the coverage and colour content of decorative cosmetics. Sourced from high-purity Natural Calcium Carbonate in Provence, Omyaskin is certified as environmentally friendly and approved for use with COSMOS and NATRUE labels.

Omyacare: ECOCERT certified personal care ingredient
Omyacare acts as a texturizer, cleaning agent and colorant in oral care solutions and rinse-off applications. The high-purity minerals used in Omyacare are natural and renewable. Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, states: “At Omya we have been researching and processing mineral materials for over hundred years and, during this time, we have always respected nature, biodiversity and the importance of human health. We feel responsible for our natural resources and, therefore, rely on natural, renewable and pioneering solutions.” Showcasing this key benefit of the mineral, Omya presents different concepts of soap, toothpaste, tooth tab and handwash tab using the new grades of Calcium Carbonate approved by Ecocert Raw Material and certified by NATRUE for natural cosmetic and organic personal care products.