Cosmetics & Personal Care

Casting light on assessment of cosmetic actives

19th September 2019
Thanks to its patented XPolar technology, Kamax Innovative is bringing a new dimension to optical observations of cosmetic active performance. Using polarization to record contrasts and differences in the activity of a cosmetic product on the skin or hair, the novel technology can read contrast differences and quantify biological modifications on dermal collagen and hair keratin.

“We accurately monitor dermal collagen and measure the direct effects of stress factors, like UV rays or oxidation, which can appear on in vitro skin, or the chemical impact of colourants, for example hair colourants,” explains Jérôme Desroches, President and Founder of Kamax Innovative. “We observe a natural XPolar signature made possible thanks to light and demonstrate the activity of products in cosmetics without any particular sample preparation. In addition, our technique helps discover previously unknown actions. It goes beyond the standard technique.”

Ultimately, this “contact-free” technology only requires a low-power optical laser beam and does not degrade the slides, which can be reused for additional tests. Then, it is all scanned and digitized with a fully digital device ensuring easier data sharing. Launched a year ago, the XPolar technology has already seduced testing laboratories through the services developed by Kamax. The comprehensive solution combining the imaging system and the image processing software solution is now offered to small and major cosmetics groups.