Nouryon launches ingredient to improve agricultural formulations

11th June 2019

Nouryon is launching an ingredient for the agricultural market that helps fertilizer and crop protection products to be combined in a single mix. Using Agrilan 1028, a new dispersant and compatibilizer, also boosts the performance of agricultural formulations, providing a means to improve both crop health and productivity for farmers.

“In modern farming it’s common practice to mix crop protection products with fertilizers to keep crops healthy and maximize yield,” said Dr Karin Bergström, Global Technical Marketing Manager at Nouryon. “However, lack of compatibility between active ingredients can cause issues such as loss of efficacy or blocking of spray systems.”

Agrilan 1028 makes it easier to add crop protection products to fertilizer solutions and aids the mixing of multiple active ingredients in tank mix formulations, Bergström explained. “In addition, it enhances the performance of crop protection formulations due to its multifunctionality, so the amount of such formulations can be reduced.”

AB Ghosh, Managing Director Surface Chemistry at Nouryon, added: “With the growing pressure on farm productivity, we’re focused on accelerating our innovation speed to strengthen our portfolio of solutions that help farmers do more with less. Agrilan 1028 is one of a number of new products that will help them meet that challenge.”